What are the Different Types of Ceramic Coatings?

The ceramic coating world falls into three main categories:

Spray Coatings

This is the one you typically see at 3:00am in the morning during an informercial on TV. It’s essentially a supercharged spray-on coating that is mainly comprised of Teflon, or SiO2 less than 20 percent. It’s applied just like a spray-on wax – where you simply spray it on a clean surface, wipe away with a microfiber cloth, and presto – you’ve got a ‘ceramic coating’ that might last a couple of months.

Many of these spray on coatings are higher in TiO2 or titanium dioxide than SiO2 or Silicon Dioxide. The ceramic coating rule of thumb is that when the TiO2 percent is high – the coating is stronger and more durable – thus, the protection level is enhanced. When the SiO2 percentage is higher, the coating is ‘slippery’ – or is hydrophobic. This is what makes water sheet off the surface, like you see in those 3am infomercials.

DIY Nano Ceramic Coatings

The biggest growing segment is the DIY nano ceramic coating. This is closer to the level of protection produced by Ceramic Pro 9H, but not quite the same. Most of these DIY coatings are engineered for easier application by the average car owner. This is accomplished by reducing the amount or strength of carrier solvents which permits a coating to bond to the surface, and layer on top of each coat.

With a DIY coating, you can’t layer each coating – so the maximum protection you’re going to get is a 1 layer coat. In longevity terms, the strongest DIY ceramic coating is only expected to last about 2 to 3 years maximum on the vehicle’s paint.

Another detail about DIY coatings is they are usually ‘all-inclusive’ formulas. So, they can bond to paint clear coating, windows, wheels, plastic trim, and other substrates. The only problem is they are “just OK” and not formulated specifically for these substances.

Professional Ceramic Coatings

The final line of ceramic coatings is those that started the industry – the professional-grade coating like Ceramic Pro Products. This type of paint protection product utilizes ceramic nanoparticles which penetrates microscopic imperfections found in all porous materials.

It’s formulated for specific material types, for individual applications such as marine, industrial, commercial, or direct automotive consumers. It’s not made to fill minor scratches but does deliver a protective coating that provides superior UV resistance.

A professional grade ceramic coating is only applied by expert installers, in a controlled environment, with precision and advanced techniques for a smooth and exceptionally flat finish. Each Ceramic Pro Coatings Package is backed by a CarFax verified warranty. All of your Ceramic Pro Utah services are attached to your vehicle's VIN and transferred to the new owner when you sell your vehicle. Ceramic Pro is the only provider in the industry that works with CarFax verified warranty.

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Americana Global® Auto Detailing

Ceramic Pro® has partnered with Americana Global®, a leading professional detailing supplies manufacturer, to develop a series of products that are formulated specifically for our line of coatings and films.

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Ceramic Pro® Coatings

Ceramic coating is the newest and most advanced protection for automotive finishes. It is a clear liquid that coats the paint with a thin, hard film. Once cured, it becomes a permanent part of the paint and will not wash off or break down over time.

Ceramic coatings
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KAVACA® Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear film that is applied to the paint to protect it from impact, scratches, swirls, and other types of damage. It is also known as a clear bra.

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KAVACA® Window Tint

Window tinting is the application of a thin film to the windows of a vehicle in order to reduce glare and heat and to improve privacy.

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